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Middle School Career Development Class Welcomes a Visitor

Nemo Vista's Career Development Class was honored to have a guest speaker, Mrs. Amy Johnson. She works for CTEH, Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health. She enthusiastically shared all of the different job responsibilities and certifications that go along with being an Occupational Health Nurse. For her, that includes, respirator fittings, health checks for those near dangerous chemicals, and protecting people working with chemicals. The Students thought it was cool that she brought the types of masks that the people she checks would be working with. It opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities of the non-traditional jobs that are available in this field. 

Mrs. Johnson's typical day on the job is very unpredictable because she could start in her office and by that evening she could be on a plane heading our of the state. She said that has opened multiple time. The personality traits you need for this job are honesty and being trustworthy. She expressed to the students that she helps prevent people from being sick and regular nurses help people when they are sick. 

While the students have looked into various careers, Mrs. Johnson's career, they said, is very intriguing to them. Her career is very interesting because it deals with all sorts of chemicals and science. It's also gratifying by helping people to make sure they stay safe. The salary is commensurate with her job detail. A wealth of information was provided!

Mrs. Johnson's presentation culminated with questioning for each student correctly responding and receiving a pair of sunglasses and Frisbee. Her daughter, Jacquelyn, is a student at Nemo Vista in the class. 

Sonya Andrews

Business Ed Nemo Vista MS


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