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Middle School Career Development Class Welcomes a Visitor

Nemo Vista's Career Development Class was honored to have a guest speaker, Mrs. Amy Johnson. She works for CTEH, Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health. She enthusiastically shared all of the different job responsibilities and certifications that go along with being an Occupational Health Nurse. For her, that includes, respirator fittings, health checks for those near dangerous chemicals, and protecting people working with chemicals. The Students thought it was cool that she brought the types of masks that the people she checks would be working with. It opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities of the . . .

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Nemo Vista Faculty Spotlight - Johnna Setzer

  Sophomore Caelenah Comment interviewed high school Principal Johnna Setzer .  Caelenah asked Mrs. Setzer if she would choose to go into the future or back into the past, and Setzer answered with the past, because she would want to go back and change past mistakes. Johnna likes to binge-watch the show Challenge on MTV.  Coach Setzer describes herself with 3 words: “laid-back” because she is very calm; “organized” because she likes things to be neat and tidy; and hard-working because that is the only way to get the job done!  Setzer said if she had to choose . . .

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Please see attached forms for senior material needed for the yearbook.  Thanks! ATTENTION SENIORS AND PARENTS.doc

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Directions to Nemo Vista School - Click here

Using Google maps, here are the directions to Nemo Vista Schools : 5690 HWy 9 Center Ridge, AR 72027      

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