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Nemo Vista Faculty Spotlight - Johnna Setzer


Sophomore Caelenah Comment interviewed high school Principal Johnna Setzer.  Caelenah asked Mrs. Setzer if she would choose to go into the future or back into the past, and Setzer answered with the past, because she would want to go back and change past mistakes. Johnna likes to binge-watch the show Challenge on MTV.  Coach Setzer describes herself with 3 words: “laid-back” because she is very calm; “organized” because she likes things to be neat and tidy; and hard-working because that is the only way to get the job done!  Setzer said if she had to choose another job, she would want to be an orthopedic surgeon, because she thinks it is neat to see how all of our muscles and bones work together. Coach Setzer would choose the superpower of invisibility to sneak up on people or to disappear when she’s somewhere she doesn’t want to be noticed.  Mrs. Setzer says her favorite part of being the principal is getting to know the students, because they are the future of the world. Also, Setzer was recently named Employee of the Day by KVOM 101.7 in Morrilton. Congratulations, Mrs.-Coach Johnna Setzer!















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