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Nemo Vista Student Spotlight - Caelenah Comment


Freshman Jessey Chavez interviewed new high school student Caelenah "KK" Comment. Comment was asked what her favorite thing to do after school was and she said she likes to go home, do homework, study, eat food, play on her phone, spend time with her family, ride the Gator, and lie around with her little brothers. Caelenah said if she could choose 2 celebrities to meet, she would choose Noah Centineo because he's known to be charming and sweet; and Ariana Grande because of her angel-like voice. KK said she would make Grande be her own personal radio! But when asked what her favorite type of music was, Comment said contemporary Christian music. If she could sing one song perfectly, word for word, for $50, KK would perform "Lost Boy" by Ruth B. because she knows all the words. If Caelenah received $10,000, she said she would first donate to St. Jude's cancer charity. Nemo Vista is glad to have Caelenah Comment!










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