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Ms. Wilson





  Chemistry Physics Physical Science    



Calculators are required, they do not need to be graphing calculators but they need to be scientific.

Paper, pencils and a notebook will also be needed.

Physical Science-*Math is the language of science so we will begin the year with discussing numbers. The metric system, conversions, and significant figures will be investigated before we delve into the nature of science. 

*We are currently studying motion, the differences in scalar and vectors; distance vs. displacement; speed vs velocity. Acceleration will be next.

*Newtons Laws of Motion, gravity and Universal Gravitation will be included in the next section. Forces will be explored and related to the laws of motion.

 Physical Science frameworks


Chemistry- Matter and how it changes is the topic to start the year. We will review concepts from physical science and lead into the different types of chemistry and the mechanisms of change in matter.

*This weeks topic is a timeline of the development of the atomic theory. After reviewing historical developments, the students will have a deeper understanding of subatomic particles and the roles they play.

*Electron configuration will be the topic for the next week.

click on the link below to view the frameworks

chemistry frameworks

Physics- *We will investigate the many facets of physics and brush up on conversions before entering the world of motion.

*Solving problems on motion in one dimension, including displacement, velocity, acceleration and free fall. 

click on the link below to view the frameworks

Physics frameworks-

Grading policy-The tests count for 100 points each and the student work and labs count for how ever many points are available. For example if there is a 10 question quiz, it would count as 10 points. This normally works out so that the tests count as approximately 50 % of the total grade and class work, homework and quizzes make up the other 50%.





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school phone 501-893-2811