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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for September 18th from 3:30pm until 6:30pm. A growing body of evidence suggests that family engagement matters for student success. Research shows that family engagement improves school readiness, student achievement, and social skills. Furthermore, an increasing number of innovative approaches to education leverage and connect the many settings and times in which children learn and grow to create seamless complementary learning systems that place families as core partners in the learning process. 

Tips for Approaching Parent–Teacher 
• A two-way conversation. The parent–
teacher conference is an opportunity for 
parents to learn about their children’s 
progress in school and for teachers to gain 
insights into their students’ home and 
community lives. Parent perspectives on 
student strengths and needs, learning 
styles, and nonschool learning 
opportunities can help teachers shape 
their instructional methods. 
• Emphasis on learning. Research shows 
that family involvement is most effective 
when it is “linked to learning.” An 
important goal of the first parent–teacher 
conference is to develop new strategies to 
support student learning at school and at 
home. Teachers should be prepared to 
discuss the academic progress of their 
students by using examples of student 
work and assessments during 
• Opportunities and challenges. The tone 
of parent–teacher conferences should be 
balanced so that all involved understand 
what the student is doing well and what 
he or she can improve upon. Achieving 
this balance sends the message that your 
school values student strengths and has 
high expectations for all. 

Information from:

Harvard Family Research Project 2010



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