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School Parent and Family Engagement Plan

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School Name: Nemo Vista Middle School
Facilitator Name: Kyle Payne
Plan Review/Revision Date: 7/30/2021
District Level Reviewer, Title: Lindsey Ketchum
District Level Approval Date:
Committee Members, Role:
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First Name Last Name Position
Kyle Payne Chair
Regina Riedmueller Counselor
Mark Andrews Dean of Students
Johnna Setzer Principal
Dawn Williams Parent
Debra Dubois Parent
​​1: Jointly Developed

(Describe/List how parents will be involved in the development of the school parent and family engagement plan and how parents will be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of parent and family engagement programs.)

Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?

Nemo Vista Middle School will engage parents in the annual review of the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan.  During this meeting, we discuss and evaluate the following categories: (1) growth in number of parents participating in workshops and meetings; (2) specific needs of parents; (3) effectiveness of specific strategies; and (4) engagement of parents in activities to support students academically. 

2: Annual Title I Meeting

(Describe/List when (provide the month/year or month/day/year) the school will hold the Annual Title I meeting to inform parents of the requirements of Title I and the school’s participation as well as the parents’ rights to be involved. The Annual Title I meeting should not be used to ask for parent input, but provided as an opportunity to disseminate information and distribute copies of the revised parent and family engagement policy.)

Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?


3: Communications

​(Describe/List how the parent and family engagement policy will be distributed to parents and how the school is going to communicate with parents including information about how the school will provide information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities to parents in a format, to the extent practicable, and in a language that parents can understand.)

​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?​

The Nemo Vista Middle School Parent and Family Engagement Plan will be made available to families and the local community through the parent facilitator, Kyle Payne, 501-893-6494. NVMS will also include valuable information in the beginning of the school year packet including the Parent and Family Engagement plan and ways for families to get involved and what roles they can play. 

The school will distribute a weekly newsletter to parents that is developed to include school news, a calendar of school activities, and additional information for parents. Each teacher will have his or her own web page on the school website in which parents can see what the lesson objectives and goals are each week. The school will have regularly scheduled progress reports and parent teacher conferences in which parents will be updated on their child's performance. We have purchased the eSchool program to aid teachers and parents with open communication about students' academic progress. Nemo Vista Middle School also utilizes a parent notification system, Remind 101, that keeps parents informed of school closings, parent teacher conferences, open house, public meetings, and other important events. Information is also placed on the school marque sign along Highway 9 in front of the school. The local newspaper, the "Petit Jean County Headlight", and KVOM radio station are used to promote and announce events and activities at Nemo Vista Middle School. Events, activities, change of plans, and anything above is also posted on the school Facebook page as well. 

4: School-Parent Compact

​(Describe/List the process the schools will follow to jointly develop with parents a school-parent compact.)

​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?

A school compact committee was created during the 2017-2018 school year. Over the course of several meetings, the committee came up with the school compact to be approved and signed by all students at open house for the upcoming school years.  The compact has been reviewed and approved for the 2021-2022 school year.

This compact outlines how parents, school staff, and students share responsibility for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state's high academic standards. 

The school provides regular two-way communication  through parent teacher conferences (no less than 2 per year), and progress reports every 4.5 weeks. The first parent teacher conference this year will be held on September 16, 2021. The next scheduled conference date will be February 3, 2022.

Teachers have access to a volunteer book that parents sign up for at the beginning of the school year for a variety of roles.

5: Reservation of Funds

(If the district receives more than $500,000 in Title I allocation, then it must reserve 1 percent for parent and family engagement activities. A minimum of 90% of that 1% must go to the schools, with priority given to high-need schools. If the school is allocated a percentage of the 1 percent, describe/list how the school will share with parents the budget for parent and family engagement activities and programs and how parents will be involved in providing input into how the funds are used.)

​​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?


6: Coordination of Services

​(Describe/List how the district and/or school will coordinate with other organizations, businesses, and community partners to provide additional supports and resources to families.)

​​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?

The school utilizes community resources in the instructional process.

The school will involve parents on school improvement planning committees. To support this process, the school will offer both school staff and parent training on how to contribute to this process in a meaningful way.

To utilize community resources, the school shall consider recruiting alumni to create an alumni advisory commission to provide advice and guidance for school improvement.

The school has enabled the formation of a Parent Teacher Association that fosters parental and community involvement within the school.

The school partners with local agencies during Health Week.

7: Building Capacity of Parents

(Describe/List activities, such as workshops, conferences, classes, online resources, Academic Parent-Teacher Team meetings, and any equipment or other materials that may be necessary to support parents in helping their student’s academic success.)

​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?​

Meetings will include parent training sessions to help parents understand how to enhance their child's education.

Teachers will hold conferences individually with parents of children in their classrooms. Parents will be given summary of the student's standardized test scores as well as any interventions that may take place. Parents will be asked to engage in discussion of how they can support these efforts. Parents will also be given suggestions for coordinating school-parent efforts and explanations of homework and grading procedures. 

Parents have access to teacher lesson plans online as well as students current grades via eSchool.

The school will encourage parents in the following types of roles and activities to increase their involvement and support student learning:

Open House

Awards Day

Parent-Teacher Organization and their numerous events/activities

Family wellness connections

Various committees

8: Building Capacity of School Staff

(Describe/List activities such as workshops, conferences, trainings, webinars, online resources, and Academic Parent-Teacher Team meetings that will be used with school staff to build their capacity to work with parents as equal partners. Describe/List methods of parents’ assistance for building staff capacity. Describe/List actions the school will take to provide other reasonable support for parent and family engagement activities.)

​​Does the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan describe how the school will accomplish each of the required components?

The professional development requirements are met for teachers and administrators through the required professional development as required by the Department of Education.

A parent center is available to provide parents with materials and information packets to utilize in assisting their children with academic improvement and emotional and social needs. There are also parent resources on the school website that parents have access to anytime.

Nemo Vista Middle School will distribute informational packets each year that includes a copy of the school's parent and family engagement plan, survey for volunteer interests, recommended roles for parents/ teachers/students and school, suggestions of ways parents can become involved in their child's education, parent and family engagement activities planned for the current school year and information about the system that will be used to allow parents and teachers to communicate.

To promote and support responsible parenting, the school shall, as funds are available: purchase parenting books, magazines, and other informative materials regarding responsible parenting through the school library, advertise the current selection, and give parents the opportunity to borrow the materials for review.

Nemo Vista has included in the school's policy handbook the school's process for resolving parental concerns, including how to define a problem, whom to approach first, and how to develop solutions.

9: Building Capacity - Discretionary

​​(The school parent and family engagement policy/plan may include additional sections describing other discretionary activities that the school, in meaningful consultation with its parents, chooses to undertake to build capacity.)

Did the School and Parents choose to include any Discretionary (Optional) Components in the School Parent and Family Engagement Plan?

Everything related to parental involvement has been addressed in other responses.

(Find complete guidance on the DESE Parent and Family Engagement Requirements webpage.)

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